Who We Are

With a spirit of entrepreneurship, a veteran gallery owner who provides a different vision to the art world, manages 3 art galleries that are active all year round with a growing success. NişArt Gallery which was founded in 1998, carried out its first activities in Ortakoy, Istanbul. In the following years, domestic and international organizations were held in Osmanbey, Teşvikiye, Bebek and Bodrum. Today, Nisart Gallery is the leader in the art market with a total of 1850 m2 exhibition space for the last 21 years.

NişArt Gallery, with his extensive knowledge and experience in the art world; specialized in versatile issues such as art dealing, auction management and organization, corporate identity consultancy, art expertise, domestic and international art fair organizations, cultural art activities and social responsibility projects that was held in Turkey for the first time in the field of art. He is a professional and leading gallery owner with powerful references.

NişArt Gallery provides opportunities for the artists and the academicians who take their place in the art world with their principled, contemporary and respected identities as well as talented young emerging artists who he believes will be a future success. So far, with the group of 2500 artist who he works with, he became a brand name at national and international art platforms.

With different disciplines of art and multi-layered artist profiles, he has always adopted the principle of keeping the connection and the lines of communication between the collector and the artist ~ art-lover alive and updated. NişArt Gallery has been awarded with “The Gallery of the Year” award for 7 times as a result of his 35 years of artistic experience and know-how. Institutions that presented him the ” Gallery of the Year Award” are Fog TV, BRT Tv, KRT Tv, Fox Tv, Business Channel Tv and Moon Life Magazine.

NişArt Gallery, which aims to spread the art to wider circles, is a gallery that has the right connections and resources for effective networking, follows the contemporary art movements, is open to innovations, creates unique environments for art lovers and believes in the power of information sharing. With its principled and consistent gallery attitude, NisArt Gallery is a busy place for artists and art audience.


  • Art Ankara Art Fair,  2015-2016-2017-2018-2019, Congresium Ankara
  • Contemporary Art Fair,  2007-2009-2010-2011, Lutfu Kirdar Exhibition Center
  • Istanbul Art Show,  2018-2019, Hilton Exhibition Centre, İstanbul
  • Home & Garden 2011-2012-2013-2015, Lutfu Kirdar Exhibition Center
  • TÜYAP Art Fair,  2009-2011-2017, TÜYAP Expo Centre 


  • Beylerbeyi Place Mix Group Exhibition, 2014 & 2016
  • Spinal Cord Paralysis Association Exhibition, 2016
  • Losev Cancer Society Exhibition, October 2017
  • International Women Union Association Exhibition, 2018
  • Toft Mix Group Exhibition, April 2016
  • Cancer Society Children Hope Association, Mix, May 2015


  • Fog TV ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2012 
  • Business Channel TV ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2012 
  • Kültür TV ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2015 
  • ART TV ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2016
  • Bonne Vie Magazine ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2016
  • Moon Life Magazine ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2017
  • Moon Life Magazine ‘Best Gallery of The Year’ & ‘The Gallery Owner’ Award – 2018


  • Co-Berlin Germany, May 2019 (upcoming)
  • America Art Factory, 11 Exhibitions, August 2018
  • Art Camp Portofino, 2016-2017-2018 
  • Art Camp Venedik, November, 2016-2017
  • Art Paralax, March 2019
  • Barcelona Art Nou Mil-lenni Gallery, May 2019
  • Canada-Toronto, 2018
  • Paris Exhibition, 2016


  • “Geçmişin Parmak İzleri” Mix Group Exhibition, January 26-February 4, 2019, NişArt Gallery
  • “Kaplumbağalar Kırmızıdır” Solo Exhibition, Artist: İlker Kayalı, January 5-15, 2019, NişArt Gallery
  • “Fall In Art” Mix Group Exhibition, January 23-February 5, 2018, Beşiktaş DC Kozmoz
  • “In My Place” Mix Group Exhibition, November 5-15, 2018, NişArt Gallery
  • “Güz Sergisi” Mix Group Exhibition, October 13-24, 2018, Ankara Boho Gallery
  • “Taş Plak” Mix Group Exhibition, November 27-December 6, 2018, NişArt Gallery
  • “Talkin With The Colors” Mix Group Exhibition, November 27-December 6, 2018, NişArt Gallery
  • “Sound of New Years” Mix Group Exhibition, December 21-31, 2018, NişArt Gallery
  • “Flashback” Mix Group Exhibition, September 25-October 5, 2018, Beşiktaş DC Kozmoz